The nicest factor I can say in regards to the Recreation of Thrones collection finale — and even its ultimate season — is that a variety of issues occurred.

“The Iron Throne” included the homicide of Daenerys Targaryen; Jon Snow returning North to a Night time’s Watch that doesn’t appear to have a purpose to exist; and Tyrion Lannister plotting his Queen’s loss of life, avoiding execution, after which being put in as Hand of the King by Bran Stark, the newly minted ruler of what’s now the Six Kingdoms. Sansa Stark grew to become the queen of the North, ruling over an impartial Winterfell. And Arya Stark set off on a ship seeking a brand new journey.

Although so much occurred within the finale’s 80 minutes, it feels as if the present ended with loads of unfinished enterprise that couldn’t be addressed in even a feature-length episode. Listed here are 20 thorny questions we’re nonetheless questioning about.

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1) Does Tyrion understand how terrible his sister was?

When Jon Snow visits Tyrion — who’s being held by the Unsullied for treason towards Daenerys — Tyrion states that Daenerys is totally mad as a result of her physique depend is so excessive after destroying King’s Touchdown.

In help of this, he cites that his brother Jaime and his sister Cersei had been actually terrible individuals, however by no means leveled a metropolis. However Cersei did bomb a complete church in season six, leveling a bit of King’s Touchdown to take out the Excessive Sparrow and the Tyrells:

Whereas Tyrion won’t know his sister was behind this, Recreation of Thrones presents him as a voice of purpose and logic. Remembering how Cersei bombed the Sept of Baelor for private causes, are we then speculated to take Tyrion’s speech to Jon about assassinating Daenerys skeptically? In that case, is Daenerys actually extra of a “Mad Queen” than Cersei?

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2) The place does Arya stand on the “sanity” entrance?

All through Recreation of Thrones’ eight seasons, Arya was skilled as a face-stealing murderer, devoted years of her life to exacting revenge on her enemies, and at one level created human pies out of Walder Frey’s household and fed them to Frey. Going by the rubric that Recreation of Thrones utilized to Daenerys, whereby revenge and vindictiveness are indicators of irredeemable insanity, shouldn’t we, and Arya’s family and friends, be extra anxious about Arya?

3) Was Maggy the Frog’s prophecy actually nearly Daenerys?

In season 5, Cersei acquired a prophecy from Maggy the Frog, foretelling that “one other — youthful, extra stunning — [will] solid you down and take all you maintain expensive.” Many Recreation of Thrones followers understandably thought that Maggy was speaking about Daenerys.

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However there have been additionally fan theories that the prophecy wasn’t so simple as Daenerys coming in and killing Cersei. Some recommended that Jaime would kill his sister, or that Sansa and even Tyrion may. Or was Maggy speaking about Bran (undoubtedly youthful, however perhaps not as stunning) since he’s the one who finally took management of the dominion?

4) Did Recreation of Thrones overlook the casualties Daenerys’s military suffered at Winterfell?

In season eight’s third episode, “The Lengthy Night time,” Daenerys despatched her Dothraki military into the darkness to combat the advancing Military of the Lifeless, which resulted in mass casualties. Throughout the identical battle, the Unsullied held formation outdoors Winterfell’s gates, and plenty of sacrificed their lives to guard the forces of the dwelling throughout a retreat.

However within the collection finale, Daenerys’s military nonetheless gave the impression to be fairly enormous:

Daenerys Targaryen’s military within the collection finale of Recreation of Thrones

So, precisely how massive was Daenerys’s military to start with for it to resist an epic loss of life toll from the Military of the Lifeless and nonetheless look so large?

5) What was the cope with Arya’s white horse?

On the finish of Recreation of Thrones’ penultimate episode, “The Bells,” a white horse magically appeared earlier than Arya, who’s barely evaded loss of life. She rode it out of the crumbling King’s Touchdown following Daenerys’s assault on town. Her triumphant exit recommended that Arya driving this horse could be vital ultimately. However firstly of the collection finale, Arya was … hanging across the burned-down metropolis once more, the horse nowhere to be discovered. What occurred to the horse? Did she simply trip it, like, 20 toes earlier than coming again?

6) Why didn’t Daenerys have extra of a safety element after profitable the throne?

As the brand new queen of the Seven Kingdoms and strongest individual in Westeros, it appears unlikely that Daenerys would wish to wander round with out safety, particularly after she decimated King’s Touchdown, a transfer that possible made her the enemy of anybody who survived. But she approached the Iron Throne on her personal — albeit with a dragon holding watch outdoors. This gave Jon Snow the prospect to come back in after getting previous her one fire-breathing guard, who appeared to belief him, and to make use of his and Daenerys’s relationship to get near her after which kill her. It was a dramatic flip, however one which appeared sloppily executed, given the circumstances.

7) The place did Drogon take Daenerys’s physique after he melted the Iron Throne?

Did he drop her off someplace (Dragonstone, maybe)? Or is he simply flying round with a decomposing physique in one in all his talons?

8) Who dry-cleaned Daenerys’s outfit?

Daenerys Targaryen’s villain outfit and glow-up within the collection finale.

Within the penultimate episode of the season, Daenerys has a full day of torching harmless individuals and inundating King’s Touchdown with dragonfire and terror. Her outfit is a multitude and he or she’s coated in filth, grime, and ash from the incinerated human our bodies. However one way or the other, after the siege (presumably the identical day) she’s cleaned up and her outfit is neatly pressed when she provides her massive villainous speech. Which Dothraki or Unsullied dry cleaner is accountable for reviving the outfit? And the place did she go for what seems to be a soothing and rejuvenating spa day?

9) Why doesn’t Bran simply inform Arya what’s West of Westeros?

When Arya tells Jon and her household that she’s going to go west of Westeros and discover what’s past the place all of the maps cease, couldn’t Bran simply have warged right into a sea chook and saved her a visit?

10) Did Bran know he was going to be king all alongside? In that case, did he simply let a bunch of dangerous issues occur (together with Jon Snow’s exile) so he may very well be king?

Together with his warging energy, Bran can see the previous, current, and a few glimpses of the long run. And when Tyrion asks Bran if he would comply with rule over the dominion, Bran agrees by saying, “Why do you suppose I got here all this manner?” — an odd flip contemplating Bran beforehand mentioned he couldn’t be lord of Winterfell he’s the Three-Eyed Raven.

Did Bran know the occasions that had been going to play out throughout Recreation of Thrones’ ultimate season — Cersei not sending her military to Winterfell; Arya killing the Night time King; Euron’s shock assault on Dany; Cersei executing Missandei; Daenerys torching King’s Touchdown; Jon killing Daenerys; Jon being despatched to the North — and resolve to sit down idly by in order that he might inherit the throne by a strategy of elimination?

11) What age is Bran going to reside to? Does his council know the earlier Three-Eyed Raven was 1,000 years outdated?

The earlier Three-Eyed Raven mentioned within the season six episode “Oathbreaker” that he had been ready 1,000 years for Bran to take his place. Whereas I’m assuming that a few of that longevity comes from being magic and dwelling in a tree (which Bran won’t do, so far as we all know), what occurs if Bran has the same form of energy? Does his council know that Bran may reside longer than the typical human? Do the individuals he’s ruling over know that he’s going to have an especially lengthy reign?

12) Why didn’t Gray Worm kill Jon and Tyrion?

Gray Worm is Daenerys’s most loyal soldier. He kills anybody who’s perceived as a menace to his queen. Why, then, would he permit Tyrion and Jon to outlive as a substitute of killing them instantly when he discovered that Tyrion hatched a plan to kill Daenerys and Jon killed her? Given the way in which Gray Worm is portrayed — killing Lannister prisoners on behalf of his queen — it appears believable he would have killed them immediately.

Whereas one might make the argument that the North would revolt if Jon had been killed, that doesn’t actually clarify why Gray Worm would then let a treasonous prison like Tyrion communicate effusively in entrance of the council later within the episode.

13) Why didn’t the Dothraki bloodriders kill Jon and Tyrion?

The identical query goes for the Dothraki: One of many mythologies on the present is that the Dothraki “bloodriders” will avenge their Khal till they die. And in season six’s “Blood of My Blood,” Daenerys mades your complete Khalasar her bloodriders.

“I cannot select three bloodriders,” she tells them. “I’ll select you all.”

So, uh, now that their Khaleesi is useless, the place’s the bloodrider revolt?

14) Is anybody going to punish Gray Worm for his personal conflict crimes, or does everybody post-Daenerys’s loss of life simply get a clear slate?

At Tyrion’s trial, everybody on the council — save for Yara Greyjoy — appears to be in settlement that Daenerys dedicated horrendous atrocities on harmless individuals. Properly, Gray Worm and the Unsullied had been an integral a part of the King’s Touchdown slaughter. Did everybody on the council overlook this? Was there a deal made during which the Unsullied would simply get to depart as a substitute of receiving additional punishment?

15) Why would Gray Worm permit Tyrion to turn into Hand of the King?

If Gray Worm labored out a compromise with the council and Tyrion for Jon Snow to go North, why would he permit Tyrion to be Hand of the King once more — after Tyrion freed his brother Jaime, who would go on to aim to save lots of Cersei, and inspired Jon to kill Daenerys? Wouldn’t it’s extra believable for him to ask for a compromise for Tyrion as nicely, one which wouldn’t primarily let him off scot-free?

16) Why is there nonetheless a Wall?

In Recreation of Thrones’ season seven finale, the Night time King fully destroyed the Wall together with his zombified dragon. In fact, the Night time King and the Military of the Lifeless have now been destroyed themselves, elevating the query: Why is the Wall even wanted anymore? And since we noticed it standing within the collection finale, we’ve to marvel: Who rebuilt it?

17) Why is there a Night time’s Watch that Jon wants to affix if the wildlings are at peace with the Seven Kingdoms and the White Walkers have been destroyed?

The Night time’s Watch was beforehand made to protect the crossing into the Seven Kingdoms from the freefolk and different threats, however now that everybody’s getting alongside, particularly the wildings who reside past the wall, and there’s no nice evil to protect towards, what does the day-to-day schedule of the Night time’s Watch seem like? And additional, Jon Snow hanging out together with his direwolf Ghost and good good friend Tormund doesn’t actually appear to be punishment.

18) Why didn’t Arya or Sansa do not forget that Daenerys and her military saved the North?

On the council assembly, Yara is taken to activity for defending Daenerys, who she says freed her individuals from a tyrant. Sansa and Arya instantly get snippy, retorting that Daenerys was completely loopy. However do they do not forget that with out Daenerys, her dragons, and her armies, Sansa would primarily be the zombie queen of the North?

19) Why is the North the one impartial kingdom?

Sansa declared to Bran that the North could be an impartial kingdom. How come nobody pushed again on that? Why did all the opposite lords not comply with swimsuit? Why wouldn’t Yara, who has requested for sovereignty for the Iron Islands, or the brand new unnamed prince who’s working Dorne not additionally need their independence?

20) Why does Jon being a Targaryen — one thing the present spent the higher a part of two-and-a-half seasons teasing and revealing — even matter?

Originally of season eight, there have been two episodes dedicated to Jon’s true heritage; Bran and Sam, who had been each on the ultimate council with Bran turning into king, each made an enormous stink about how the throne is Jon’s future. Neither one talked about it once more after that, not even when Jon was being punished for primarily saving your complete world from Daenerys’s mad reign. Was all that buildup — together with a scandalous flip towards Jon courting his aunt Daenerys — actually simply background noise?


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