Results per 10,000 folks

who get measles

500 kids get pneumonia;

most typical explanation for loss of life

Probably critical issues proven

Results per 10,000 folks

who get the M.M.R. vaccine

3 fever-related seizures1

0.035 allergic reactions3

No threat from M.M.R. vaccine: autism

1. The quantity of overlap between hospitalizations and issues or deaths listed right here isn’t recognized; this chart assumes that many critical issues from measles end in hospitalizations.

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2. Encephalitis (swelling of the mind) could cause convulsions and go away the kid deaf or with an mental incapacity.


3. Youngster seizures could happen 72 hours to 14 days after vaccination, and are usually not related to long-term results. However these seizures additionally happen general in 2 p.c to five p.c of all kids 6 months to five years of age (200 to 500 seizures per 10,000 kids).

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4. Resolves inside six months in 93 p.c of circumstances. Charges of irregular clotting (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, or I.T.P.) after M.M.R. vaccination have been estimated at 1 case per 25,000 to 40,000 doses. Measles and rubella trigger irregular blood clotting at a far larger fee.

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5. This interprets to 1 to three.5 reactions per 1 million doses. The lifetime threat of getting killed by lightning in america is as a lot as roughly 4 instances larger: 1 in 218,106.


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